Find The Most Inexpensive Car Insurance Florida Drivers Can Buy

If you’re a driver in Florida, you already know that car insurance rates are through the roof. What you may not know is that if you shop around, you can find the inexpensive car insurance Florida drivers want while still getting the coverage you need. The Florida Office of Regulation lists 24 insurers offering policies for drivers in Florida, and asked those insurers to supply a quotation for a typical policy for a family of four with two automobiles. The quotations ranged from a low of $548 to a whopping $3871, illustrating that it pays to shop around for inexpensive car insurance. Florida requires minimum coverage to drive a car in the state but most drivers augment these minimums with a great deal of additional policy riders to fully insure themselves against risk. If you are looking for the least expensive quote for your area check out

Where You Live Matters As Much As How Much You Drive

While Florida auto insurance is high by national standards, where you live in the state can have a big impact on what you pay for identical coverage. If we refer to coverage for that previously mentioned family of four with two cars, the same policy in Gainesville would cost $538, while in Miami it would cost $1314. Those quotes are from the same insurer, so you can see that rates vary depending on the risks of your town for car insurers to cover.

In general, the cheapest auto insurance policy rates in Florida are offered to 50-year-old women. After that, 50-year-old men get the lowest rates, then 30-year-old women, and then 30-year-old men. There are lost of exceptions to these generalizations. In Leesburg, a young woman would pay the least, for instance. A 30-year-old woman in Gainesville, while paying higher rates than some other demographics, would still pay less for coverage than anyone living in Panama City.

The Five Cheapest Place To Buy Auto Insurance In Florida

Gainesville is the cheapest auto insurance market in Florida, almost 50 percent cheaper than the state average. Male drivers get reasonable rates, while women drivers get the second-lowest rates in the entire state.

Tallahassee is the second-cheapest market for auto insurance in Florida, with rates almost identical to Gainesville, except for slightly higher rates for young male drivers.

Fort Walton Beach is ranked third in Florida for auto insurance, again with almost identical rates as Gainesville for all drivers except young males.

The Leesburg area is ranked fourth for auto insurance costs, but has achieves this ranking despite wide swings in rates based on demographics. Young women pay very low rates, while young male drivers pay very high rates, and older men pay almost as much as younger men, while older women pay much less.

Panama City comes in fifth for cheap auto insurance. Rates vary widely from older to younger drivers, with younger drivers paying almost double. While it came in fifth, a few Panama City drivers are offered the lowest rates of any drivers anywhere in the state.

If you’re trying to save money on car insurance, stay away from Miami according to It’s the most expensive insurance market in the state, and you’ll easily pay double for your insurance compared to other cities in Florida.